I couldn’t believe how much time I spent on advising knowing that this part wouldn’t be recognized nor rewarded in the eyes of the supervisor. One time I put it in my appraisal, it was scratched out as quickly as the reviewer read it.

But nevertheless, I’d like to pass on knowledge. Hopefully this way I would benefit those who had come by office for guidance or advise. Not that I am the expert or anything… but I’ll just share as much as I know and as frequent as I can.


My wife had gone to KS with the car. She seemed to be able to handle it. I was a little worried earlier because she prefers smaller vehicle. Returning back, she went, “I like your car! The handling is great.”

Work schedule has been very tight. Luckily for me, the operation boss had praised my recent effort to catch up. All right.. not bad. At least that’s a start.