I felt so exhausted. And groggy. I requested for a day leave and it was granted. That was quite a miracle!

Today would be my last full day with my wife before she’d travel to Melbourne tomorrow. In the morning, it was just some housekeeping that we had to do. Muzani and I took charge of throwing away expired food from the event. I did all of the scraping because Muzani just couldn’t stand the smell. Then, after dropping by at Mama’s, wife and I had a quick trip to Jusco with Ibu, Mimi and Iman before a late Pizza hut lunch to go.


Iman happily tagged along. 🙂


Aussies currencies please.

Later in the afternoon, wife, Mimi and I made headway to Vistana Hotel to meet up with Ayah. He was around for health inspectors training.


We ordered Pasembur or Pasembuq in Kedahan.


Time flies quickly. I struggled to get a balanced life and work. Soon my wife would head back to down under for one final semester. I’ve gone through many years of this… but the final stint would definitely be the most difficult.

Sigh. The last 10 years have not been easy. Hope it’ll ease up in a year or two.