I took the public transport in the morning since I left my car at the office. Hitching K.Ngah’s ride to KL Sentral, I already knew that I would be a little late to the office.

Arriving at the KL Sentral, I saw tables and booths were setup for “Hari Bertemu Pelanggan” or roughly translated into Meet Customer Day by the Ministry of Transport. There were about 20 executives or perhaps representatives that were ready to receive the customers of transports.

Upon reaching the PUTRA LRT (today’s rapidKL’s Kelana Jaya Line) section, I noticed that the Touch & GO scanner was out of service. I didn’t have smaller change so I proceeded to the counter. Upon showing an MYR50 note, the ticket operator scolded, “Wahh, don’t you have anything smaller?!!!” I glanced at the colorful stacks or Ringgit notes behind the ticket producer. I thought, “Well, it doesn’t look like you’re short of any.”

How ironic, given the courtesy that we wished to provide to customers that I witnessed outside just now.

During the rest of my trip to office that day I wondered – we couldn’t even beat the basics – and yet dream about going to advanced state. This land is still a beginner.