It’s August 2nd. K.Long, CB, Ashbi, Adik and I made our way to Taman Rasah, Seremban for the reception of Rifqee and Zaihasra. Long story short, Rifqee I knew from the days in SAS. He somehow helped K.Long and Abg.Long during an emergency with the car one late evening some time earlier this year. Zaihasra happened to be my wife’s friend a while back in KMB. The world is indeed small.


Hm. I have to make an exception.


My 3 little brothers.




K.Long sort of escorted Zaihasra half way to the meeting the groom point. The bride was very occupied, obviously, so I could only manage to snap this for K.Long.


I also didn’t have much opportunity to interact. Simply mentioned congratulations out loud.


Congratulations, you two! White was a great choice by the way.

Much later in the evening, we decided to have dinner at Salwati on a heart beat. I was buying. It was a little easier for mom too. CB had a very bad allergic reaction to last night’s Grilled Chicken. Could’ve been long-frozen chicken or something.

I realized that Ashbi’s time to solve the Rubik’s has significantly dropped. Now I need to start picking up my pace again. Getting rusty.


With the smoothest cube I’ve ever used, my time is about a minute and a half. Needs to be quicker.