I almost got sucked into a 7.30AM whirlpool past Sg. Besi toll earlier in the morning. That was close. Typical Monday morning traffic.

Things were coming to a crunch for a critical project that I was working on. I decided to immediately get close to the source, the executors, and worked with them directly.

I think that worked like a charm.

Returning home, Alya had already bought some cakes for July and August.


I don’t remember ever seeing red letters on cakes. Must’ve been the first.


I’m not so big on birthdays, but if there is one – hey, let’s eat. The one missing from the picture is obviously my wife, whose birthday and month is the same as Ashbi’s.


Afifah: hmm… which food do I want to try next.


These kids really love CBeebies.


Managed to catch all of ’em in one photo.