Ranking your workplace.

The world is not the same anymore. The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010, did not exist in 2004. There are approximately 31 billions searches on Google everyday. And this number is only going to go higher, not lower.

This makes me wonder – is your workplace up to date? Are your skills current with the movement of the market?

Say you give 0 to the oldest workplace and 10 to the newest by the dimensions below:

Old Workplace New Workplace Score
1. Resources Atoms – physical assets Bits – information 6
2. Work Structured, localized Flexible, virtual 4
3. Workers Loyal employees Empowered employees, free agents 1
Forces on Organizations
4. Technology Mechanical Digital, e-business 6
5. Market Local, domestic Global, including internet 7
6. Workforce Homogenous Diverse 7
7. Values Stability, efficiency Change, speed 2
8. Events Local, domestic Turbulent, frequent crises 5
Management Competencies
9. Leadership Autocratic Dispersed, empowering 3
10. Focus Profits Connection to customers, employees 0
11. Doing work By individuals By teams 5
12. Relationships Conflict, competition Collaboration 4
13.Design Efficient performance, proven method Experimentation, learning organization 2

And add them up:

101 – 130
Steve Jobs on drugs. Changes and reverses anything to provide the industry one thing that does everything.

Toyota. Mechanical but flexible and yet robust.

Joe trader. Working super hard to stay current.

26 – 50
Henry Ford and Bill Gates partnership. Specializes a little, but closed loop production. Any other mechanic that gives a tweak renders the whole car useless.

0 – 25
Fred flinstone. Your workplace is at the corner-Stonehenge of the century.

How does your workplace rank? My score is 52.