For most part of the day, I was rescuing files from a colleague’s laptop, with the exception of a short noon getaway to Pustaka Rakyat for some Rubik cubes with CB & Ashbi. It was not a big deal until I realized that I needed the original Mac OS X DVDs.

Muzani & Niza had moved in the a new place so much later in the evening we gathered for recital of Yasin and thanked the Almighty, praying that all would be well for everybody now and in the future. Amin.


Jenderam Hilir.


Simple single storey semi-detached.


Barbecue chicken.

I had been suffering from cold, dang virus. I couldn’t stop sneezing and liquid oozed out of my nose throughout me leading the recital and Isya’ prayer. I wish people were more concerned and handed me tissues and stuff like that but everybody seemed to act as if everything was normal. I didn’t want to request for a hot beverage or anything because maybe that’s too much to ask. I just waited until I could go home to refresh.

True enough, I crashed to bed almost immediately.