In the morning, I had a meeting with my wife on financial closure. We both take financial integrity quite seriously. I personally would prefer to forecast things for the next 5 years, 10 years, and so on. My wife on the other hand is much better at savings and short to medium terms arrangements. We complement each other in this area too, fortunately.

At noon, mom, CB, Ashbi, Adik and I went and fetched Alya for a lunch at KFC. We returned straight away home because our cousin, Syamrin had to stop by to pick up Duku from dad’s distribution from earlier part of the weekend.

Shortly after, mom fulfilled a reception invitation from a friend with Alya and I before stopping by Fariz’s for Mac OS X DVDs. We sent Alya back to UPM on the same day because she needed to study for the upcoming exam. Good luck sis!

Much later, I watched Ratatouille while unlocking an iPhone. Well, the carrier lock causes a certain trouble for global travelers – it doesn’t make sense to keep using AT&T when the user is now back in Malaysia, for instance.


Ratatouille makes me want to enjoy fine cuisine. And visit Paris.

Ugh. I need an iPhone 3G S. Or I wish for one? Haha! I have to stop resisting gadgets!!!