Started off early! I woke up at 4 to pack. The regular cab driver arrived on time to take me to the Subang airport. I hugged mom and dad before heading out the main door.

My Subuh was at the Subang airport. The passengers were only about half the plane. Too early, I guessed. Arriving at Kerteh Airport at 7.30, I immediately had breakfast. I waited 2 hours before the MHS said: “Late booking. Standby for afternoon chopper.” I found the Honeywell folks and we went out for lunch.

The first thing I noticed offshore was that I don’t have as much stamina and energy like I did a few years ago. I think I was much stronger before the surgery. Not being offshore for 1 year drained a lot of stamina I used to have.

Anyway… I feel the exhaustion very easily. I’m starting to feel the pressure of executing the project. Please pray that all will go smoothly. Amin.