I was less than optimistic early on. The scope seemed a little bit too much but I realized that we were aiming for something a little higher so we could be just a little ahead of the schedule.

Foxtrot also gave plenty of distraction from my current project. Somehow it went down later in the afternoon and everybody thought it was due to the communication. No communication would normally induce a process upset or falling back to safe state situation. I was scrambling in between following through with the project plan, and troubleshooting at the same time. With the help of a technician at this remote location, we reset the controller twice but the PLC far away wouldn’t seem to reply back the new data request from the master, Cave.

Nevertheless, I stood firm on the basis that there was a software issue with the remote PLC on communication but it was a separate account from the shutdown.

Other than that, we had a briefing at 1330hrs regarding a fatality of one of our contractors from pneumonia yesterday. So the symptom pointed us to begin an infectious disease control protocol.


We managed to bring the new controller cabinet in. But we had to remove both the doors first.