In the morning, the platform supervisor broke the news that the contractor that died the other day after staying for 15.0 hours at a neighboring platform had been confirmed H1N1 positive. But there was no spread since we had gone past the isolation period. A few folks seemed to jump, asking for mitigations steps and so on. We were quarantined from Aug 15 to 17 and it wasn’t until yesterday day that we could see more people coming onboard.

Down… and down. Somehow the morale was a little low. Even during the morning meeting, I was challenged by the supervisor that in the older days the previous system support was much better and things were communicating smoothly. I didn’t react or anything since I know, by doing that, the supervisor wouldn’t actually get anything more out of me. In fact, he should go ahead and call the previous support for help. Who had actually retired and is now working elsewhere.

Reinforcement has arrived – the actual HUC lead from Honeywell comes onboard. Then suddenly the operations folks requested for my help. I was ready to give one of the Honeywell team members to help Leaf but immediately they discovered that the fuse for power supply to the PLC had blown. And suddenly I was able get the go-ahead to drill on top of the cabinet. But only after the S/D manager did some questioning.

Fortunately the sky and the ocean are calm. May Allah make things easier and hopefully I would pass this test. My throat felt a little itchy but maybe that’s psychological. I just need to keep the fluids coming.


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