We received VIP visits and went through a safety meeting conducted by a SHE rep in the morning. Much later the bosses had stopped by my work site and discussed the option to drill holes on top of the live cabinet. Somehow the asset lead was not comfortable doing it so I could confirm that I have to switch to plan B. The downside was, we had to defer certain things to during the shutdown period but we’re doing all we can to fill up the time with worthwhile job.

Prior to that, the number 2 had asked about alarms and I managed to answer most of the questions. I wasn’t worried about that since I have anything to hide anyway.

All in all, it was still very much stressful. There were many ups and downs. But I think I can now get used to managing this stress. I would just go for ablution and perform prayer on time, praying for guide, patience and strength. Amin.

On top of that, I could establish a simple routine at night. You really, really need to chill out to stay on a platform for long. Normally after Isya prayer, I’d make either tea or susu panas, go to the dark TV room and just watch. Not thinking about the project or the progress. Just relax the mind.


Chill out. Subhanallah.