Finally, the old busted flare boom was removed. I could feel the entire platform swayed for a good 20 seconds before it came still as normal again.


Plenty of tonnes.


Managed to catch a glimpse before the barge put the boom down.

Somehow my hip pain got worse. I laid back and slept for additional 2 hours. Managed to reduce it but only mildly.

Just as I was about to begin loop-testing, the shivery, shuddering feeling began to creep from within. The cough has started yesterday and I’ve been wearing mask ever since, but this trembling was different.

I ascended back up to the living quarters to see the medic. 38.1 degrees. The platform supervisor knew about it and sent me straight to land. The Rantau doctor prescribed something, gave me 3-days MC, and advised to go straight to hospital if the condition worsens.

I called dad and hitched his ride back to Bangi.