Sunday, I first ventured out to gas station and then Bintang with Munief to grab some goodies. He’s an obedient little boy. Even buckled up at the back.

Then dad, Muzani, CB, Ashbi and I attended the tahlil for Papa in Cheras. I was suddenly placed the role to recite the prayer (do’a) immediately after the tahlil. There were many relatives. I got to meet Papa’s siblings. The food was great, Ashbi even had thirds.

I am not good at consoling in any way but we paid tribute and prayed that Papa will always be blessed by the Almighty. It’s a reminder that life is short and death is upon us. So be good and be kind. Wallahu-a’lam.


The time that I know Papa was short. But he was instrumental in the lives of my wife & I.