Not performing very well. That’s the performance feedback. After 3 weeks offshore and plenty of site execution, to get this reflection at this time around was a little hard to take but I was positive about it. If there was anything within my control, I’d be happy to do a lot more. But if there wasn’t, well, maybe there were some barriers that we didn’t see. Let’s see – I was out for 2 months due to the ACL reconstructive surgery. And then I couldn’t go offshore for a year because of that. My training was also cancelled last year. Hm…

Allah wants to show me something. And the Almighty did so subtly. Two prominent stars in the company were down at the Musolla. They waited for an Imam and I was there for that.

This is not riya’ or to show off that I am capable. In fact, there are plenty of capable Imams all around and many can do it. I personally have plenty more to learn and improve on my own.

But… how immediate? And why now? I reminded myself… “position, money, rank, wealth or power do not matter at all in the eyes of Allah.”

Only taqwa. And good deeds.

Let this be a reminder, to myself, at least. Wallahu’alam.