YES 2009.

Have you heard of YES before? Here is my personal interpretation and opinion of the whole setup.


Shown above is the seating arrangement and the price for each zone. First of all, notice how small the section is for the actual youth. This is the Youth’s summit. Why is the “free zone” for the youths the smallest?

Notice that the larger zones are A, B, and C, raking up money to hold up the event. Since these are not small-scale motivational speakers but the actual CEOs and executives from around the world, I could comprehend the level of compensation required for the speakers who could’ve spent the time making millions instead.

But wait. There is also a Sponsors & Partners zone. So why are we collecting money from A, B, and C? How much money are the speakers asking for anyway? Could it be so high that the Sponsors & Partners alone wouldn’t suffice? S&P most likely did it for the recognition and networking but probably not in it for the immediate money in return – because they’re giving out money in doing so.

So, depending on the number of A, B, and C seats, there’s a whole lot of revenue coming in – given that the marketing is right and the speakers are interesting enough. If I had a team of organizers, I would’ve done the same. Nobody really measures if the youths would actually improve afterwards. Their section is even small.


In the end, here’s the catch – don’t go to motivational roadshow. Verbal persuasion is the easiest thing to showcase (since everybody carries mouth with them). There is no replacement for actual hard work and perseverance. Think about it. The CEOs or executives situations might not even apply to you – they are from different backgrounds, started off differently, presented with early opportunities, and so on and so forth. They would’ve said this themselves during the speech: “one session like this wouldn’t suddenly make you successful” or “it takes more than just one leap to rise up” or something equivalent.

See? And I’m telling you this for free. Well, maybe not entirely since you have to pay for the internet, electricity and all – but still a heck of a lot cheaper than US$800 for a few hours.