Packing early in the morning.


Bring the basics. Travel light.

LCCT was more than decent. Except for the earlier ticketing in… where I struggled to find the web check-in counter. There are definitely more scanners in LCCT than KLIA.


Same cold-steel seats that I’ve seen in Kerteh airport but with additional cushions. Comfortable enough.


Proper alignment for the gates designation. During my last trip via KLIA, they accidentally mixed Perth & Melbourne and ruined their reputation totally, especially when these observers were foreigners and tourists from around the world. Related post here.

In general, AirAsia could provide and sell, but they seemed like struggling to serve.

Struggling with the basics they first had to repeat safety instructions immediately after take-off since the first video run only played on a handful of screens. Ergonomics needs plenty of improvement. The aisle seats where people would actually move in and out have this studs protruding towards the knee level. Not AirAsia’s fault per se but perhaps a work with Airbus or mitigation should’ve been in place.


I bet those studs have busted many knees before.

The seats recline is very much a trick. The lower seat is the one that can slide out. Your back is the one that needs rest at different slopes – not your thighs that suddenly become longer! Furthermore, the economic seats are the narrowest I have seen. My shoulder spans 2-inch extra on each left and right vs. the seat’s width.


The forward-sliding lower seat extends about 3 to 4 inches out.

But that’s fine. Perhaps it was a conscious design decision. The one that really took the cake was it took the attendants 1 hour to provide me the declaration form after 3 requests. Apparently they were busy selling XCite entertainment package and snacks.


I selected “Entice me” and the information was not available.” Sales would very much improve if this navigation works.

At least they’d score more on food and drinks. At RM10, the nasi lemak and bottled water tasted quite delicious. RM5 was how much I paid for a hot beverage.



But you can’t break it down to these folks. The last time I challenged one of the executives, the reply was, “we’re budget airlines, sir.” Basically that means – you might as well get what you pay for.