I notice that my posts are normally awfully quiet. Failures all around. I wouldn’t categorize them as successful, that’s for sure.

So, I looked for some kind of guides and found some self-help questions:


Could the title have been improved?
Perhaps. The title is normally the last one I’d figure out in a post.

Did the opening lines of this post draw readers in to read more?
Probably not. I’m bad at opening lines.

Could I have added an image to give the post a visual point of interest?
I think I’m slightly better at this. I’m so bad at writing, I’d rather let a picture speaks a thousand words.

Could I have added a question to draw readers into discussing the post?

Was the topic relevant to my readers?
Ah-ha! This is the biggest catch. I need to generalize rather than specify.

Did I promote the post to other bloggers or my network?
Not all the time. Not my thing. Feels like a show-off although there’s nothing show.

Did I publish this post at the right time (of day or the week)?
I really don’t know the answer to this. Did I publish at the right time?

Could I have called my readers to perform some kind of action?
Not sure what else I could have called them to do. I’m already glad anybody stops by.

Was this post useful – did it fulfill a need or solve a problem for readers?
Only a handful few.

Did the post have sufficient depth? – could it have been more interesting with examples, illustrations, opinions, stories, quotes etc?
Perhaps. I’m not good at elaborating.

Was this post unique or just a rehash of what others are writing?
My posts are normally always original.

Did the formatting of this post help readers to read it easily?
This is the only thing I can improve dramatically. I call it “usability”.

Was the post concise or could it have been too long winded?
Mixed bags. I used to write even longer sentences and paragraphs. Not anymore.