My office is a mess! I took myself to task and broke down the bulk to small increments of housekeeping. I call it, “Mini-housekeeping”.


For those who have not seen my office, it’s about 3m x 3m, one major desk with four drawers and a total of 8 shelves against 3 walls – 2 in front of the desk, 2 on the left side against the windows wall, and four stacked on the back. The right side is the inside wall (the desk is pushed against this wall) and the door. The files could be as old as 25 years, inheriting as many as 2 senior executives worth of records before me.

What I did was wrote on the white-board:


Write 2 things that you do everyday

So everyday, I try to fill up 2 small things that I accomplish that day, i.e.
1) Bring home unused merchandise pens and pencils for little brothers
2) Trash old newspapers / stack them in car’s trunk.

Next day, erase the two and start over!