I had a long debate on safety with my colleague next door. But I couldn’t detail it here because it’s quite specific to a certain method we’re currently using at work.

Anyway, I have always wondered about the different adjectives used to describe intellectual capability or intelligence. How are they different? What is common? I personally think there is a time factor involved in this equation.

Witty. Sharp. Clever. Smart. Wise.

-> t

As you move to the right, you can scroll the time (t) factor on the x-axis further out. In other words, you can be witty, quick with the right words within a conversation, or sharp with the right responses within a debate, but that doesn’t make you wise. That’s like shorter time-scale intelligence. Wise is something in longer term, like knowing that death is inevitable, procuring house and property is of higher priority compared to cars, pray on time, and so on. Wisdom normally comes with experience, age and time itself.

I wonder if there are more adjectives used out there to describe different context of intelligence. Since I don’t have good vocabulary myself. I find Thesaurus a very, very useful tool.