We attended CB’s graduation. The school used the term “Majlis Graduasi”, the Bahasa equivalent of graduation ceremony.

Don’t be surprised, the class names are:
Kreatif, Inovatif, Inisiatif, Dinamik, and so on.

Bahasa experts have written off many things these days.

Nevertheless, it was quite ceremonious. Time’s-a-changing. In the older days, we just signed off “Sijil Tamat Persekolahan” which is roughly translated to School Completion Certificate in english. Today, there’s a graduation ceremony for high school.


Venue: GMI hall near the Alam Sari neighborhood. Nice setup. But the air-conditioning smelled and there wasn’t any Wi-Fi coverage.


Well done, brother. CB didn’t garner any leadership, co-curriculum, or academic medals but I am very, very pleased with this boy, well, now a man. I’d rather have 1 of CB than a few of those high school hall-of-fame because CB truly benefits others around him as much as he can offer. He really does.


Fivers of Jalan Empat. Getting ready for the grand entrance into the hall.


Lining up to the stage.


The shot reminded me of a certain commercial I’ve seen. Heh.


My flash failed on me when it was really needed. Hm. But SB-900 is like RM3K, ugh.


This is what I was talking about – real contribution to the overall setup of the ceremony.

CB reminded of myself in school. There was a time when I busted myself to do plenty of things when suddenly there was a political guy that came along, presented the setup, shoved me into a technical bureau representative of the club that I was supposed to lead, and became the president himself. Oh, well. Old story. What’s done is done.


We enjoyed the multimedia presentation. Some are better than others. But I couldn’t really concentrate because I was very hungry.


After lunch was photo ops.


Adik wanted to see the fire and the disco ball.