I owe Alya big time since she helped me with plenty of wedding decorations starting about this time around last year. I gave everybody tokens as an expression of gratitude but I couldn’t think of one for her. At last, I gave her the RM250 iSetan Isetan voucher I won from the last inter oil companies bowling tournament.

So mom, adik, CB, Ashbi, Alya and I ventured out to KLCC and we had lunch at KFC first. Then we headed to iSetan for her gifts. It took us a while to get the right items at iSetan Isetan (since many things were a little over the top) but we finally did after about 2 hours. After all, we couldn’t turn the voucher into cash. CB, Ashbi, and I even had the chance to slip out, watch clips of movies at SONY shop, visit Machines, and so on.

Well, at least I wasn’t called to office for I was actually on weekend duty.


While awaiting Alya to try out the clothes…


Optics. Well, OK… the camera’s position gave away the trick.