Bold 9000 and 9700


I could think of a few reasons why I would choose BlackBerry over iPhone for now:

  • The screen is gorgeous, second only to the iPhone 3G S.
  • It runs on BlackBerry OS. Any phone, regardless of how smart you label it, is not smart enough if it runs on Windows Mobile. Maybe not as fluid as Mac OS X on iPhone and the many apps, but enough for normal use.
  • The iPhone in Malaysia is ridiculously priced. Shame on Maxis to take that advantage as a sole distributor.
  • It’s only better than the iPhones in terms of battery life, business apps (like Word/Excel PDF), and sync to IBM Lotus Notes. But iPhone is already linking up to Microsoft Exchange now.
  • It now has BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to talk to Macs. More details here.

Even Volker Weber gave BlackBerry Bold a green light, except for the fact that the Mac support was terrible. But not anymore, with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac sync above.

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I was in the office for a while. Returned home after Friday prayer. Tough days ahead.