Tuesday was full of activities. But fulfilling. Productive it was.


I am on the road 2 hours everyday on average. I couldn’t stand the serenity in the car by myself, especially when I needed to stay up, so as and when I completed the Surah that I wanted to perfect the recitation, I’d tune in to the radio for a background company:


I used to listen to Traxx.fm. It’s quite informative – covers many angles and interesting facts, and it plays a wide variety of music. It’s easy to get through when you call the station for responses or quizzes, but the DJ’s need to hype things up a little bit.


Then I started to tune in to Hitz.fm. Fine, it’s very lively, JJ & Ian are very capable communicators. But the hits music that they play over and over – are the same ones, mostly pop music all the time. The target audience is definitely younger folks, english-speaking Malaysians with more or less open lifestyle. If you drool over Beyonce (for male audience), admires David Archuleta (ladies listeners), get excited about some western Hollywood stories, and passionate about the English premier league, then this is the station for you. It’s definitely not easy to get through when you call, and the radio station seems to bank on JJ & Ian a lot.


Occasionally, I tune into Bernama’s Radio 24 for some news and information. But this particular station seems a little pro-government. I don’t want to listen too often to an entity that can’t state things objectively. I started listening to Radio 24 less and less every time they interview Encik Azli of DapatVista, talking about ICT in Malay. You can imagine how that’s like. The DJs’ jokes are between themselves too… in polite Malay. Almost like “syok sendiri” or roughly translated to ________ (you guys can help me with this, my English sucks.)

I just haven’t been able to listen to IKIM more and not because I don’t want to but somehow luck has something to do with it. Because every time I dial in the frequency, the radiocasters would either read newspaper headlines of the day or play some Nasyid about love (kita akan disatukan~, kasih kekasih, etc.), rather the actual reminders and the real nasyid that reminds of taqwa or death at any second now.


My latest choice is BFM 89.9. This station is definitely way more serious. It dances to the tune of English premier league too but less Malaysian-like. Although they play the rhythms of 1Malaysia theme song and all every once in a while (who doesn’t, these days), it seems quite objective in its content.


The marketing strategy was simple. Let’s ride on the ads on the back of a cab – eye level and practical. Unlike other stations that display their ads on big-ass buses or billboards – it’s way too big, during traffic jam when motorists would actually have the opportunity to look around – they couldn’t see those because it’s too huge too close!

And then there are catch phrases from the BFM, like “Bankers Flee Mortgages” or “Brawn Foils McLaren” or “Boyish Forty-Something Millionaire.” Heheh.

So, depending on the mood, I would tune in either one… but you know what favorite is now.