Last night, I brought mom, my little brothers except for CB to Mines Wellness (formerly Mines Beach Resort & Spa) where dad had been marking up matriculation papers.

In the morning when the Tai Chi session on the grass in front of the pool was about to end, we flocked to the aquatic zone until about noon, mostly due to the lack of such recreation in recent times. I personally swam a good 5 to 6 rounds across the pool for a little work out.


Tai Chi is a fairly healthy way to exercise, but in the modern world of business (in Malaysia at least) the term is being used to describe “pushing or delegating work to someone else.”


Commercial representation of the pool. To my observation, it’s only about 70% as beautiful in reality.

The pool seemed more like a lagoon. The floor was sandy but I could sense that the lower layer was concrete in its built.

In the afternoon, I went for a walk at the Mines with Ashbi. We had lunch at Kenny Rogers, joining K.Long & family, before I picked up something very critical to my personal data management:

Seagate’s FreeAgent


1000GB of storage.