I just watched An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary seemed very credible. Regardless of any dispute with its technicality (if you have any), I think what Al Gore brings is pretty decent. Essentially, the core principle for an everyday reminder is – do no waste or live wastefully. Resources are scarce. This is the #1 rule in Economics.

I like the format in which the documentary is presented:

First the convincing of
1) Is it worth it? Yes. The biggest stakeholders are your children and your children’s children, and so on.
2) Do you have what it takes? Yes. These are the things we already know… efficiency, green technology, alternative energy, etc.

Any NO answer to the above renders the whole behavior-changing journey useless. And the biggest style of all was – “Here are my proofs and evidence – I invite you to prove me wrong.”

Needless to say, Al Gore spends too much time on his Mac too. LOL.

Links to the argument and the counter-argument: