True enough, I woke up at 2 AM something for no apparent reason.

At work, I had steam coming out of my ears. All three documents that I routed for approval prior to the offshore trip simply couldn’t be traced. I was almost literally yelling, “How could this be… it’s such a simple routing…” The thing is… it’s wasn’t one document. But three! I could handle the challenge stress but this unnecessary mishap is the last thing I need.

I was enrolling my wife as my dependent in the company’s medical plan when the registrar described a policy that in my opinion was sort of secretly rolled out in more recent times (since I wasn’t the only person stuck prior to enrollment). Apparently if the enrollment happens outside 31 days of marriage date, they would like to see the clearance of the spouse’s medical checkup prior to registration at employee’s own expenses.

I sent out reminders to the newlyweds in both subsurface and surface groups alike, only to see this response from Seri & Fir:
Eh, when we registered 6-month after marriage in early 2008, there was no such policy?


Mounting stresses just make me think of the fresh air in Melbourne.