Apparently, Ashbi had manifested a new sense of public appearance that we went ahead and mocked him. Even Adik searched for himself a pair of glasses to do so.


Much later in the evening, we played basketball at the public court within UKM. Alya, KNgah, AbgNgah, CB, Ashbi, Adik and I were there just a little bit earlier than Muzani & Niza.


Afifah was so happily running around in open space, I managed to snap a picture of her with both feet off the ground. Or her left front was still touching it?


Enticing Afifah to bounce the ball.


I worked out quite a lot on top of the 45 minutes jog earlier in the morning and at the end of the day, this is what I’m getting:


A pair of worn out Adidas shoes. Look at the bottom. This soon? I’m changing brands.