Returned home a bit late. Rushed to complete key items because I’ll be out the rest of the week.

I am beginning to think that it’s time to diversify on what I do at work. I can’t be specializing on Control Systems all the way. It’s good to be skilled at something. But I would also like to know the other different intricacies of the oil & gas business. Perhaps the reservoir management of it all. Or the marketing of gas. How do the royal turbo-machines function together on generating power or compressing  gas for sales? How do I optimize the gas-lifting? What is the correct metering methodology at different process functions? How do I control the flaring? Is there an alternative to it? What is the optimal offshore oil & gas processing facilities? What about onshore?

How do I make my operations more efficient? Leaner process? Simpler to maintain? Easier to monitor?

And so on. You get the idea.