It’s interesting to observe thatP1 WiMAX is trying to chip away at the big band of internet users from TMNet’s Streamyx installed-base. The key word used in variety of ads is “potong” or cut. Basically: cut the telephone line together with the Streamyx connection.

What’s probably not that obvious is that the PacketOne team is also taking a swipe at the:

MYR26.00 that you pay TM regardless whether or not you actually use the phone line. Many folks are running around with mobile phone now, either with prepaid or postpaid.


TMNet is responding with such agonizing picture of getting the coverage of wireless versus hard-wire above. And with ads that mentioned something like “potong apa? potong kepala lu la…” (roughly translated to: cut what? cut your own head lahh) – which is sort of a reference to P1’s “cekik-darah” or bloodsucking package price.

TMNet’s got a point. They seem to claim to offer the most bang for the buck. (Do they actually?) P1 needs to wrestle these 2 barriers:

  1. Infrastructure. (Streamyx users simply spring up from those who already use telephone lines)
  2. Monthly price.