Saturday was full of shopping. It started off slow, but things picked up immediately after 3.

First of all, we went to Macy. To get there was quite a battle. It felt like a 3km journey deep into an unknown territory – passing through trash sites with stray dogs, multiple half-meter deep holes on the road, small hills, sharp bends, and so on.


It was very crowded. The sky was gloomy and it had rained while we were there.

KLong, Arifah, Aidah and I roamed the warehouse. Muzani and Niza joined up later.


I was only eyeing this piece without any intent for purchase – in case I have my own office at home one day. 50% off.


KLong was more interested in the English design. Price tag: MYR900.00. On its left was a full-leather sofa originally at MYR6,999. Price now: MYR2,999.


Well, we bought smaller stuff instead. Hehe. Everything was like 50% off or something. I bought myself shiny mats (MYR5.00 to 8.00), trash bins (MYR5.00) and towels (MYR15.00 each). KLong bought stools, trash bins, bean bags, and so on.

Afterwards, we headed over to Jusco Cheras Selatan. I thought it was fairly close to the Mines but apparently the place was way past Balakong, somewhere within the vicinity of Taman Tun Hussien Onn! Well, I didn’t know that that particular Jusco was Cheras Selatan Jusco in the first place.

Dinner and prayer. In between, I managed to find the fountain pen and undergarments that I’ve been searching for a while now. The J-card even provided me with some 15 and 30% off.


Certain important documents require a “class” touch.

As we returned home, KLong geared up on preparing the bean bags right way. Mom and I helped her out.


OK, this built-in funnel helps!


Arifah miserably couldn’t wait for the bean bags.


Aidah was a bit more playful and relaxed.


So, is this how they smuggle rice or cocaine? Hehe, just kidding.


There. Happy? 🙂