I was busy preparing everything for tomorrow’s offshore trip. Schedule seemed tighter and tighter. Everything wanted to happen all at the same time. Ugh.

On a separate note, I saw an ad for business improvement strategy and the likes. I am not impressed at all. Let me tell you why:

1) Plan – This is done by coordinator, planner or a combination of engineers in the office. Typically many rides on this. They want to create the best plan ever. Here’s the shortfall – there is a significant delta in the realism of the plan. There is no measurement of execution in the planning. What’s true and not true when it comes to operations? What is the norm that’s not documented anywhere?

2) Do – Like I said, 6 engineers in the office plan the work. Then when it comes to the trip offshore, only one, if you’re lucky, would actually go to the field.

3) Check – There is even a gap between field supervisory perception and the working level in the field, let alone the planners & coordinators in the office vs field. Enough said.

4) Improve – Artificial planning, not much emphasis on execution (resources! reality!) makes “Check” stage harder and thus produces no improvement at all. It becomes paper exercises all over again.


Truth be told, if we’re talking about business strategy, I was expecting either finer statistics on resources (and how do we shift more things to execution, not planning), what are the key actions that everyone can take for the greater good, simplifications if any, and so on. Not another fishbone, pareto chart, or closed-loop “plan-do-check-improve” function blocks.