Time to go home. The weather didn’t look like it was going to improve.

We took a very late chopper. Arrived at the heli-base around 7. It was very late, we had to wait for a while until the phone storage service returned from prayer break. We decided to spend the night at Awana Kijal instead of hacking through the dark, rainy night to Kuantan.

Much later, we went for dinner at Little Canton. All five of us. I was the one who picked up the tab of course, for being the most senior. OK, I am not aware of that rule, but I guess I had to anyway for “demanding” everyone to try the Szechuan soup. Hehe.

Socket adaptor
As I was about to go online and chat a little with my wife, I noticed a blunder – I brought the laptop, USB cable, and the power adaptor but not the physical socket adaptor. What a bummer.


Mac world

Throughout the dinner, somehow Syed & I teamed up to make a pitch on the world of Macintosh. He seemed very passionate about it too. A Mac geek he proclaimed. Well, I intend to become a Mac Genius myself, in case my engineering career fails to launch. Haha!

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not a bunch of fan-boys, worshipping anything Apple. We just want to help new buyers with more information – so they can make an informed decision.

I used up the little battery life that I had left for a live demo.