Toyota Camry

Mazda 6

The intent of this showdown is not to choose a winner, but to highlight some of the key specifications that might change your mind in deciding between the two executive sedans. However, I will not highlight common features like rack & pinion steering wheel type, leather seat, electronically adjusted side lamps and so on.

In the end, an informed decision is always the better decision, isn’t it?


Parameters Toyota Camry Mazda 6
1. Price MYR174,990.00 MYR173,877.00
2. Displacement 2362 cc 2488 cc
3. Length 4825 mm 4735 mm
4. Engine 2AZ-FE
4-Cylinder, In-line, 16-Valve, DOHC with VVT-i
MZR 2.5
4-cylinder, In-line, 16 Valve, DOHC with VVT and S-VT
5. Engine rating (max) Power: 164.8HP at 6000 RPM
Torque: 224Nm at 4000 RPM
Power: 172.0HP at 6000 RPM
Torque: 228Nm at 4000 RPM
6. Transmission 5-AT sequential with Super ECT & gated shifter 5-AT Activematic & gated shifter
7. Suspension (front) McPherson strut with stabilizer High mount double wishbone
8. Suspension (rear) Dual link independent strut with stabilizer E-type multilink
9. Tyres 215/55R17, Alloy 225, 45R18, Aluminium

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Despite being 100mm shorter, which is normally insignificant to huge sedans, everything else shows that Mazda 6 is better than Toyota Camry by a small margin. Mazda’s price is lower for a higher displacement. It comes with slightly more powerful engine and somewhat better suspension. Toyota’s McPherson strut is less performing but simpler to work with, whereas Mazda’s double wishbone is better performing but a bit more complex so watch out for longer service time.

Mazda’s Aluminium rims are supposedly lighter, but depending on your preference, Camry’s heavier Allow rims give you the advantage on durability and stability. Certainly, somebody with more knowledge and experience can share and add to the above.

Just by looking at the main specs, Mazda 6 is a clear contender and Toyota Camry is certainly not far behind.

However, there are also other important considerations than just plain specs. I can further improve the comparison with the research on:

  • average resale value
  • weight (to get power-to-weight ratio and predict fuel efficiency)
  • carbon-emission rating
  • average service duration and cost
  • and safety features

I will post an update later if this happens. Nevertheless, my final recommendation is similar to my formal advice to newer engineers – there is nothing better than a site visit. Arrange for your test drive today. See and drive the cars for yourselves. Perhaps you could drive and feel difference with the above comparison in mind.