I am currently attending a Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Oil & Gas professionals course at Concorde hotel. It is a 3-day course so I will complete it by the end of Wednesday.

Earlier on, after a game of ice breaking, everyone was tested for the “natural style” of presentation. Participants took the turn to pick a surprise topic and presented it impromptu for 1 minute. They were easy topics – something that we could personalize such as “my hobby” or “the best way to spend the weekend”.

I was the fifth out of 11 speakers and this was my topic:
“The most famous person I would like to meet”

Perhaps you can already guess who that famous person is? Hehe. I give you a clue: markets.

Then the instructor went through the main body of the presentation course. It is a very interesting and interactive course, I must say. It is not entirely new but it introduces a fairly simple organization on how to present.

INTRO – tell them what you are going to say
BODY – say it
CONCLUSION– tell them what you just said

That’s not all; there are thoughts on audience, objective of the presentation, materials, audio/visual aids, rehearsals, and so on.

Later in the afternoon, attendees were given about an hour to prepare for a presentation on one out of 8 common oil & gas topics provided and 5 minutes each to present it. The best part was – the presentation was recorded. I couldn’t wait to see the playback & receive the written feedback from the coach.

There were plenty more to the course but that pretty much summarized the first day. The rest of the course would be on technical writing now.