I am not sure why the treasure-hunters are somewhat obsessed with AI (artificial intelligence). Please take a look at the picture below:

It is very clear from the picture that the banner or the answer spells, “Perunding Teknologi Maklumat – Origin Technology” with the egg symbol.

And yet the clue says, “With AI, you get the real thing.

A) “Perunding Teknologi Maklumat” is obviously Information Technology consultant or an IT expert, so to speak. What does that have to do with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? I’d give better credit if they link Computer Science and AI together, although they still differ significantly.

B) What is this, a successful cloning? And the clone cracked out of the shell? Why AI?

The picture wasn’t the first or only AI term used as a clue. I was browsing through a whole lot and noticed several of them. I must have missed something entirely. Perhaps you can help point it out to me.