Today we learned about writing, report writing, and specifically – effective technical report writing. There was a refresher on grammar, parts of speech, and so on, but the topic was primarily how to write effectively.

Throughout the day, I began noticing my weaknesses and mistakes in my writings. My eyes and ears opened up wide, attentively looking for rooms for improvement. Hopefully, I’d know how to fix them at the end of the course.

In one of the sections, the instructor introduced the measure of “Readability”. This is a 0 to 100% scale of how “readable” a writing is. Microsoft appreciated this and incorporated Flesch-Kincaid test in Office suite as its readability checker. Basically, Flesch test looks at how many sentences there are in a paragraph, how many words are in a sentence, and how many letters there are in a word. Anything lower than 50% readability is not acceptable.

In more readable terms, long paragraphs, big words, and difficult words equal bad writing. It’s not the reader’s fault if the content is hard to read, it’s the writer’s fault.

Self Analysis of Writing Ability:
– I make sure the content is as accurate as possible.
– I enjoy writing.

– I am never flexible.
– I rarely define the purpose.
– I rarely put materials in logical order.
– I rarely prepare and plan systematically.