I am particularly interested in the way an article explained the business of Apple Inc.

4. Apple doesn’t want to be a successful business: It has no interest in imperialist expansion. Apple is interested only in surgical strikes into this business or that product category, where they can solve design problems others have failed to solve… Apple’s choices in markets it gets into make no sense, unless you understand that they don’t want to dominate industries, or even maximize revenues. They just want to design and sell better products that will affect user experience in markets where that’s an achievable goal.

Is Apple really that utilitarian? I am of the opinion that… Apple is still very much responsible to its board and shareholders. Apple has a vested interest in taking care of its own image. Regardless of the higher level ambition, Apple still needs to be profitable to stay in business.

Steve Jobs really does want to sell stuff that work and they (Apple employees) really design gadgets that they want to use themselves, but they can’t go blindly produce something that does not fit the market, demand, and so on.

I agree if
1) Apple is more creative company that it is an IT conglomerate. Or,
2) Apple creates products that work and fit together nicer

But to say Apple solve design issues regardless of profitability is a little too much.

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