Traveling to Australia has never felt any faster. I was on the way to Melbourne, Australia – for the third and most likely the last time. Not that I wouldn’t visit again but I just don’t foresee such trip to happen in the near future.

In the last minute, I cleared the tax obligation before Internal Revenue service could stop me from going overseas (in my defence, this is due to documentation & logistics mishap, and not me deliberately avoiding taxes).

Mom and Alya waited for a moment after dropping me at LCCT. While I was at the AirAsia sales counter purchasing additional returning weight limits for 3 tickets, Ayah, Kngah, Mimi, Pak Teh and Teh had settled down for a brunch at MarryBrown. I joined them shortly after and so did Mom & Alya.

Air-Asia was below par again, in my opinion. There were plenty of empty seats at the back though, approximately 15 of them. The flight was bumpy earlier on but smoothed out as the airplane entered the Australian atmosphere.

No maps. No information. No information on food available.

We reached the Tullamarine airport at about 1am. It was colder than expected.

A snapshot of Melbourne from the sky at midnight.