The second trip was a tour around the University of Melbourne. I have been around the campus several times, but I couldn’t quite remember all the exact details. However I was able to recall certain areas quite well, like the flow of the field – library – Medicine building before we could reach the main road.

My wife’s impression clearly spelled – “Ach, I know this place well. Follow me.” Lol. Cute.

From this picture, I realized how “wide” I’ve become.

Another snapshot confirmed it. Haha.

This was in front of the same building of a photo taken July, without the building’s beautiful glow.

Then. Recorded on July 6 2009.

Another one with everybody in the picture. Crisp. I love the quality.

I’m getting older. And I love physics. By the way, if you ever get here, remember to try the Honey Dew bubble tea.

The University of Melbourne understands the economics of Macs, I reckon.

Yeah, we toured the Uni.

The sign board says:
These lawns are for general enjoyment
the playing of games, in particular football and cricket is not allowed.

Apparently the football team was bolder than the cricket team.

Finally, we got a photo in front of the Medicine building.

We came across a Mazda CX-7 with “SALEH-1” as the plate.