Much later, we ventured out to see the rest of the city. Flinders Street station and the Federation square were the two stops that easily outlined the city scenery for us. We waited just across the Federation square to get on the free tour bus. I snapped more photos that I wasn’t able to capture the last time I was here.

Here at Flinders St and Swanston!

Do I need a better camera? (Not an excuse!) This was the best shot of Flinders Street station that I could take.

The happy couple. Not so overseas-looking.

The happy couple with more overseas-looking background, hehe (different people & Chocolate Buddha in the background).

We were on the Free Tour bus for a short while. It’s very convenient! I don’t think we have such service in Malaysia, not even to promote tourism. Or do we?

Then we had a Block-M lunch. The owner was an Indonesian who some time ago fell in love with an Australian and migrated here.

Chicken fried rice.


Lunch passed by really quick because we were hungry after long walks.

I noticed that Australian malls were without benches for much of loitering.

Studio Stay I.