No activities planned for today. Free and easy! Ayah, KNgah, Mimi and PakTeh decided to visit the Vic market once again. Wife & I stayed at home for a while to organize things.

So how do we get to the locations tomorrow… let’s see…

After a big Soto lunch, Intan and I went to a GP for her flu vaccination. It was somewhere I’ve been before but I couldn’t recall where exactly. On the way there, I saw an onshore, non-industrial use of coriolis meter in action:

Coriolis meter is the gold standard for liquid measurement in the industry.

Once that’s done, we were at Safeway (now Woolworths) to grab some daily needs. I wasn’t looking for anything for particular,

Throughout my stay in Melbourne, I noticed that even cyclists would stop to make way for boarding tram passengers. Pedestrians are kings! That’s proper.

Much later, wife & I were at Aliya’s to bake some quiches. Muth is a master of conversation – he knows that the best topic and the one that everyone is most interested in is yourself! I wasn’t able to ask as many questions myself. Because I am one for scrutinizing people for asking the right questions – I am anxious about asking the right questions myself.

Studio Stay II.