Chocolate Mill visit was not originally in the plan to be in between Ballarat & Lavandula lavender farm. We first saw the place while being “lost” towards Castlemaine. On the way back to Daylesford and upon knowing that Violet was actually there sipping a hot chocolate, we decided to check out the place.

We passed by Mount Franklin on the way to Castlemaine and again after turning back.

Business makeover required? If Steve Jobs were standing in front of this building, he would’ve gone: “if I can’t tell a chocolate mill apart from a Mexican grill, I can’t get people to drop by and buy chocolates!”

The bird can be interesting and scary all at the same time.

I can only say, I would have bought some if I had more ka-chings in my pockets.

The banner was right – the place was for serious chocoholics. Wife & I like chocolates but we’re not chocoholics. I know some people who are though: my brother CB & Alya.”