After picking up an 8-seater from a car rental early the morning, we headed off to Ballarat as soon as we reasonably could. Although we didn’t get a Toyota Tarago, KIA’s Grand Carnival was surprisingly a smooth ride still. I was quite excited about driving it.

First stop was the Wildlife park. We arrived just in time for the guided tour. The entrance wasn’t that amazing but I hoped that the first impression wouldn’t last.

Come, let’s take a picture!

The kangaroos were amazingly friendly. Lucky I didn’t have much food on me. There was a mother who stuffed her kid’s stroller with food – she was struggling to keep the kangaroos away from the stroller! She was literally pushing away those marsupials with her legs. The mother and child both survived the ordeal but ended up giving away the food to the hungry jacks.

Hippity hop. Let’s go for a tour!

The smile wasn’t exactly portraying extreme happiness but the uncontrollable tingling sensation whenever the kangaroo licked my palm.

Emu would peck a little harder. I felt dull pain every time it craned forward and jabbed.


Koala, yey!

My wife was luckier with the photo op – the koala was turning this way when the shutter closed.

Abandoned joey. The wildlife park took it in.

1 year old joey.

Teh was under the impression that she could tickle the kangaroo like a cat.

We took a lunch break right across a botanical garden.

Must pray. Wherever you go.