Riding on the success of what makes a blog successful post the other day, I am attempting at another improvement post. Why? Not only that I see a significant downward trend in the traffic, I should’ve benefited from the writing course I took earlier, right?

Something is still not quite right. 2 things came to mind.

1. Creative writer vs technical writer

I am definitely not a creative writer. You will definitely not find Seuss like twists or dramatic story-telling with clever and funny ending posts here. I prefer a straight-forward mention of the things that I’d like to share with everybody. Done deal. Isn’t life already full of drama? Let’s make it short, sweet and simple. Is that too simple?

2. Suiting the readers vs sticking to a style

I notice that I tend to do the latter than the former. From the course I learned… “write to suit readers’ knowledge… if the readers don’t understand you, it’s not their fault. It’s your fault!” It’s my fault, I know! It’s definitely my fault. But the challenge now is to take that into action. So, what’s next? What are the changes that need to happen?

I get this a lot – just be yourself, bro. Right. If I’m being myself in meetings, I would’ve uttered strongly across the room, “that’s irrelevant!” As far as I’m concerned, Be yourself is the advice that comes with the highest level of discretion. Similar to “Just Do It“. Do what, crime? Break records? Break up?

Nevertheless, there are still lurkers around, I know this for sure. The hits-to-comment ratio is still way to high. Maybe this is it. I’m very intimidating.