Next was the trip to ride an actual steam engine train, or shall I say, steam locomotive. We just trailed along south of Monbulk road to reach the Belgrave station. Missing the 11 o’clock train by a hair, we had to wait until 12.30 for the next run.

Time for a train ride. The old way.

Souvenir tickets. From the early days of puffing billy.

The arrival of 12.30 train.

Photo op with the main engine. Hey, Thomas!

This particular mounting shaft is super critical to the locomotive. If you were to sabotage one (say you discover that your girlfriend is about to leave you on this train for instance), then this mounting shaft would be a good choice.

A moment with the engineer and the driver.

Let’s see, I saw both the engineer and the driver. I think this was the engineer.

Wooden bridge. Old school.

We reached the next station, Menzies Creek.

The returning trip was on a totally different engine.

I just wanted the snap the train tailed around the bend when those Japanese went photo-posing crazy in front of my camera.

Crossing the road.

Back on the wooden bridge.

Most all of the Japanese sat on the ledge with their legs dangling out.

Nice trip!

We immediately had lunch break afterwards.

The return trip was over at about 1.30PM something. The Japs were somehow really crazy about the ride. They were probably already tired of the shinkansen, for being too fast – step on the train, turn on the iPod, and boom – you’re there. No fun.

Anyway, I think it was a great ride. The train went through mostly nature. We saw former track that was hit by landslide, heat wave that burnt some of the bushes, Silvan reservoir from afar, and so on. At least I could say, yeah, I was once on the piece of machinery that gave us the term “engineering”.