We started off very very early. Everyone played the part in getting ready by 7.30.

The Chappies cherry farm was nearby the Tesselaar tulip farm we visited in September. The route was similar, via Nunawading, Lilydale, Silvan, and so on. I wasn’t particularly excited about the trees or the farm but I was wondering how eating abundance of cherries would feel like. Heheh.

The weather was bright and sunny. Subhanallah.

Welcome to the Chappies. Did Mimi and Kngah purposely wear fuchsia (pinkish-purple) to suit the theme color?

We took a bus to the cherry farm next door.

The owner showed us a few steps on cherry picking.

Imagine eating cherries right from the branch.

Plenty of trees… plenty of cherries!

So plenty and thus heavy the cherries were, this end of the branch touched the ground.

Trying not to look like a beginner. :p

Boys and girls, this is how it’s done. Hehe.

Ripe, dark ones. Eat instantly. Not for bringing back because they wouldn’t last.

Slurps! Dark ones.

My attempt on perspective photo.

Hidden one.

Plucking 3. I initially thought that the shine was chemically induced or hawker’s act of spray – but it’s natural.

Plenty in a bunch, geram! I didn’t know they can be this many in a bundle. Like grapes.

One photo before returning back to the main farm.

OK, we’re done. Board the bus!

Hey… photo opportunity. I couldn’t help myself.

Let’s bring some home. The red ones.

Then we headed for the berries. The farm was nearby where we parked earlier. I couldn’t really tell which berries look like what so this trip would make a difference.

So we first got busy on the blackberry rows.

Blackberry looks like this. It’s a bit sour.

Blackberries on trees. Again, the darker, the riper.

I prefer a Bold. Not curve… not storm. Bold.

Raspberry farm.

Raspberry picking began.

Hey, I picked one.

Wife could do it many times faster.

Short term berry pickers. Hehe.

Plucking technic technique.

There. That’s how you do it.

Yummy. Raspberries taste better than blackberries.


Berries. Sorted.

Ayah bought some yellow cherries.

Delicious. Delicious.

Sweet. That was an incredible experience. Everyone had a great time too. I’ll try any sort of fruit picking again in the future.