We returned the Kia Carnival early in the morning. Budget seemed to charge us a little extra money and we only noticed it afterwards.

A) Why was the rate AUD$0.25 per km before and AUD$0.27 per km after?

B) Why did the final charge in credit card exceeding the receipt? AUD$254.68 + AUD$118.32 = AUD$373.00.

$373.00 > $355.18 !

Math experts. Please check the above calculations.

Nevertheless, wife & I continued packing. Then it was time for Friday prayer at the Turkish mosque. I listened to one of the best reminders I could remember – that death is a sure journey. You might not visit Africa, or Disneyland, and so on, but you sure will embark on the journey of death.

After settling some banking issues, my wife & I had bubble tea again. Honey Dew flavor. It was awesome.