All celebration aside, we were crazy packing. After every minute we wished we’d have another hour. One time, as the Silvertop shuttle & wagon arrived, we accidentally locked ourselves out while loading in boxes and luggage into our ride. Luckily, the balcony door was open. I heroically climbed up the balcony and opened up the front door. Hehe. I realized that I had become significantly heavier than I used to be. Ugh.

All of the trainings in martial arts, army cadets, workouts and all had prepared me for this moment of truth. LOL. Yeah, right.

The trip to the airport wasn’t that long. I noticed that the drivers were proficient – a Turkish on the shuttle and a Chinese on the wagon. But the check-in queue was horribly managed. They changed the direction twice – those arrived by order became mixed batches. I overheard one of the customers was getting ready to write to Tony Fernandez.

Finally, we checked in everything that we needed to at the airport and that was such a big relief, the second one for the day. Aaaahhhhhh.

I managed to try White hot chocolate from Hudson coffee before passing through customs and security to the international lounge. Naiyayaiiceee.

Yeay, we did it! It’s time to go home.