I settled many things today:
1) Car Insurance renewal at Berjaya Sompo
2) Road tax renewal at KLCC post office
3) Replacement of wife’s SIM and purchase of Ibu’s SIM at Maxis Center KLCC
4) Application of Kad Nikah Pintar MAIS (MAIS smart card) at Shah Alam
5) Purchase of Touch & Go card for wife at Batu Tiga toll service center

For those of you who’re not quite sure what MAIS smart card is all about – it is basically a form of ID for a couple to identify themselves that they’re lawfully married. Since the enforcers now send unmarried couples caught red-handed straight to the main offices without any question, this document becomes very useful. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I want to indulge in obscene acts outside closed door, but in case some officers decided to check us up, I have proof in my wallet handy.

Here are the 10 easy steps to apply for the Kad Nikah Pintar MAIS (Majlis Agama Islam Selangor):

1 ) Bring one passport photo each of the husband and wife, RM40, a copy of Nikah certificate, a pen and yourself.
2 ) Physically go to North Tower, Bangunan Sultan Idris, Shah Alam.
3 ) Approach the Information counter at ground floor – the receptionist will provide you the pass card and the form.
4 ) Go up to 9th floor. Approach the front counter. The receptionist will provide you another pass card that you can swipe to open doors to the payment counter on your right side.
5 ) Fill up the form and submit it at the payment counter.
6 ) Pay RM40. Wait until you obtain a payment receipt.
7 ) Exit the payment area and return the pass card.
8 ) Proceed to South Tower. Go up to 4th floor.
9 ) Scan the first pass card to get into the application section.
10 ) Submit the rest – passport photo of husband and wife, Nikah certificate, and the payment receipt. Done. Remember to go back to North Tower to return the pass card at ground floor to get your IC / driver’s license back.

Bangunan Sultan Idris, Shah Alam.

Zoom in to read the instructions on the banner.

Wait and call after about 5 working days before you can pick up the smart card. Remember, all of the counters above open only from 8PM to 1PM and 2PM to 5PM.

Bear in mind, the traffic waiting in line varies from day to day. It just so happened that there were not many applicants around on this very day.

To newlyweds – good luck!